Impcross Capability


In today's competitive manufacturing world, we understand you need accurate components quickly and at the most competitive price.

That's why, unlike many of our competitors, we invest in the latest technology, such as high-speed machine tools, principally with 5-Axis capability.

With multi-pallet ‘lights out’ machining on such machines, high metal removal rates are achieved with spindle speeds up to 18,000 rpm, whilst optimising machine efficiencies.

In addition, with 5-Axis technology, fixtures and set-up times are minimised with the added benefit of maximum accuracy and geometric positioning.

The exacting standards and tolerances demanded by the new generation of civil and military aircraft programmes has seen Impcross invest in special long bed CNC lathes and commission a 'Superfinish' cell capable of producing the finest surface finish on pistons.

Impcross also excel in the world of Precision Grinding, using their Studer Grinding Machines with detail finishing on bores produced by honing techniques.

Our equipment

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