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Impcross introduces Rapid Prototyping on new product introduction

At Impcross, new product introduction is a large part of our business. To help reduce lead times throughout the development process, we are making new products using stereo lithography technology. Having a finished component one week after recieveing the solid model from the customer, many departments can speed up their accossiated processes by having a physical part for reference. 

Posted on 26 Sep 2013

Continuous Improvement Winner - March

Well done to James Tait who is March's continuous improvement winner.

James suggestion was to clear out an unused area, apply 5s, introduce recycling and use it for recycling cardboard, plastics, tins, paper and batteries. 

Posted on 10 May 2013

Impcross Starts Recycling Scheme

As of the 1st of may Impcross has undertaken its own Recycling scheme.

We will be recycling paper, plastics, card, tins and batteries.


Posted on 01 May 2013

Factory Refurbishment 5S News

Impcross's 5S initiative is progressing well. Internal weekly audits are now in place and targets/scores recorded and displayed throughout the plant.







Posted on 28 Mar 2013

Continuous Improvement Winner-February

Congratulations to Pete Ford who has won Februaries continuous improvement competition.

Pete's suggestion was to eliminate tool waste and implement a tool & cutter re-grinding section in the tool stores and covers Recycling, Processes improvement, Down Time reduction and 5s. An existing piece of equipment has been serviced and updated to carry out the task.

Well done Pete!

Posted on 25 Mar 2013

Impcross develops its own bespoke capacity planning and forecasting systems

Impcross have recognised the need for state of the art capacity planning and forecasting to demonstrate a solid capable to promise process.

Posted on 14 Feb 2013

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