Impcross servicess

Impcross Services

Impcross makes high-precision components to the highest standards, from an array of materials, for the Aerospace, Military, Petro-Chemical and Automotive industries.

We also carry out precision subassembly work and have a Clean Room and pressure testing facility if required.

Airbus A380

Aerospace components

Impcross has an enviable reputation in the commercial Aerospace sector having been a supplier for over 18 years with particular focus on Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier programmes.

In a sector where the need for cost reduction is ever present, we realise the need to maintain our exacting standards and quick lead times without compromise.

AS 9100 C Certification

With our multi-axis machining capability and finite capacity planning, we can manufacture and deliver the most complex components in an array of materials, specialising in Titanium and Aluminium under the control of AS 9100 Rev C.

Our machining capabilities are fully supported by our CMM department and all components are supplied with First Article Inspection reports, and full inspection reports on completion.

Formula 1 components

Formula 1 components

Impcross have had an active involvement in Formula 1 for 16 years working with an array of exotic materials to demanding tolerances.

In this fast-moving and exacting sector, delivery requirements can often be in days, whilst always maintaining the highest possible standards of quality and consistency.


Military components

Impcross has a significant involvement in both assembly work and subcontract machining for the military sector, and are actively involved current military aircraft programmes.

Our Assembly Department also carries out testing and painting of the components to exceptionally high standards.

Petro-Chemical Industry components

Petro-Chemical Industry components

Impcross process specialist components in exotic alloys for top side and sub-sea valves, as well as drill head telemetry components.

In the Petro-Chemical sector the lead times are traditionally short and the parts always technically challenging, but with our 25 years experience in this field we are well placed to meet any requirements.



With over 30 years experience in 3, 4 and 5-axis programming, our team are only too happy to work closely with clients when it comes to raw designs and practicality of manufacture - whilst also identifying time and cost savings.


Short-run production

Short-run production

With Imprcoss’s live finite capacity planning, short production runs can be forecast accurately and our capable to promise ability demonstrated.

With our live forecasting tool, customers can be involved in forecasting on site, and see capable to promise results during site visits.

Once orders are placed and live, weekly graphical updates are emailed out to evidence program progress.